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 Dragons They Are

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PostSubject: Dragons They Are    Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:17 am

Dragons They are
By Truetamer
Dragons of water and dragons of sky
welcome all those who cannot die
fearful kin wonder thus
why must so many fall to greed at lust
burring kin so deep below
shudder as the the great ones bellow
bird kin hid as do those afoot
for mighty beasts will not look at those hidden in the root
blasts of fire, gas, acid and ice
shatter the air and carve moutains in one quick slice
who are these fearsome kin?
they are ones whom you cannot fight and win
Dragons the are and dragon they will be
rulers of all they can see

yes i wrote this. Please ask if you are going to share it. I may not want to.
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Dragons They Are
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