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 Dance of Dragon and Serpent

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PostSubject: Dance of Dragon and Serpent    Dance of Dragon and Serpent  I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 09, 2012 12:14 am

Dance of Dragon and Serpent
By Truetamer
Hunter hunted, where to go?
Locked in the den of monsters.
Unable to flee bars on the cage of humanity.
Longing for the freedom of the beast.
Honesty is prized but not when it hurts.
So where is the line drawn in the sand?
Abandoned by kin yet forced to move on knowing that they chose another. Some say blood is thicker that water but how thick is the kinblood when they abandon one of their own?
Now a hated one claims to be kin when it suits her and makes the life misery.
The serpent now lays among wolves cloaked in wolfhide.
How come the alpha abandons its rightful mate for the snake?
The serpent now coils and strikes at the halfgrown cub yet the alpha does not care and nuzzles the serpent.
Were is your loyalty alpha of wolves?
Is your heart a shriveled stone?
You bring into the pack the one that will destroy it and mated with the snake in mere 12 moons time.
Now the serpent claims to be alpha and like a male lion attempts to rid itself of the cub thinking it is right.
This young wolf still has its teeth but is unable to bite for that would do more harm.
How does one rid itself of monsters when the den becomes the monster's lair?
This wolf shall shed its hide and cloth itself with the armor of dragon scales to protect itself from the serpents fang and deceived alpha's bite.
It rises into the sky and the serpent is its chosen prey.
Oh how it wishes it could bite it hunt it chase it from its pack and kin.
Yet in its youth it has not the power and young it may be but stupid it is not.
The foolish alpha has set the stage and now the dragon must dance with snake yet appear to never move lest it lost what little that is left.

yes i wrote this and really i am unlikly to be willing to share it. It is rather personal but l don't mind others reading it.
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Dance of Dragon and Serpent
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