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 Mutliple Lines--the mulit Plot rp

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Mutliple Lines--the mulit Plot rp Empty
PostSubject: Mutliple Lines--the mulit Plot rp   Mutliple Lines--the mulit Plot rp I_icon_minitimeWed May 29, 2013 2:31 pm

This is a potluck rp... where there is not just one plot but many... i got this idea from poison..

first we have to pcik the plots

1)teacher student problems: in a school there is a student being bullied.. she had no defenders and not amny if any fiends.. but she moves into a new class and her and her teacher fall for each other...
2) all Ganged up: in a town there are two gangs... but these are not your regular gangs.. there is not a lot of postistiion nor are their drugs like you would expect. no these gangs are differnt.. they sell a rare powder called Dragon dust... it is a strange wonderful powder that allows the user to have a super power for 48 hours.. there is no way to overdose and no addection but it all comes at a price...for once you have tasted godhood can you ever turn back.. the gangs are fighting over who sells teh Dragon Dust.. but in the middel of a war..a few high ranking memeber fall for each other.. what happens now?

1) after trama: after a tramatic acedent a student/person loses their sight/(or something) and is forced to deal with navigating differnt world. Her former foe/punk ends up being the only person that is able to deal and the two end up falling for each other.

2)Rival times: two rival familes duel it out but the childen start a forbiden romance and try to bring the two together

1)hidden power: a shy new student ends up hiding the very gift that makes her spical but a no so tough punk slowly helps her bring out her real personality and find her new home is not as scary as she thought it was

2) outcast: what happens when you have done the unforgivable? a person in a town does something unforgviable and is outcasted..but when someone new moves into the area she/ he does nto know the rules and befriends hte outcast.. chaos follows

you need to pick which ones from A, B, and C you want do do... pick well

charrie sign up

main plot charrie:

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Mutliple Lines--the mulit Plot rp
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